For finding your purpose we must look deeply into Saturn, North Node, South Node, Mercury, 10th and 11th house. Neptune in 3rd / Pisces in 3rd is a psychic placement! People with an empty 11th house tend to be very independent people. Sun/chart ruler/11th house ruler/10th house ruler positively aspected by Venus and Jupiter - there are so many variations of this, but like for example Sun trine Jupiter etc. Mercury - Lilith aspects tend to love testing other peoples reactions with things they say and this could get them in trouble, they also have wild imagination and are prone to thinking really sexual thoughts often. But, it comes through the mind a lot. They tend to have a mixed reputation. social media fame indicators aquarius midheaven gemini midheaven virgo midheaven gemini rising virgo rising jupiter in 3H jupiter in 11H part of fortune in 11H part of fortune in 3H 11H stellium 3H stellium north node in 3H north node in 11H planets at 11 fama asteroid (408) in 3H fama asteroid (408) in 11H I am fascinated by day to day astrology and transits and decided to talk about some of the ones that can be quite observable, specifically involving the Moon. People are naturally drawn to Venus and Ascendant conjunct natives, they have a natural beauty and poise without even trying. Mercury in scorpio probably makes you seem like more of a scorpio more than any other placement. you could suffer from something (again, general). Another manifestation is that they attract people who wanna use them for what they have and leave. Saturn is a harsh but fair teacher. * Juno Conjunct vertex. Scorpio placements (especially the rising) are prone to getting some pimples or/and acne. An exalted Mars gives a lot of passion and drive. Therefore, having moon- pluto & moon-venus and etc, especially harsh aspects in synastry can indicate a very chaotic anxious connection. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. Its no mistake though.. a Scorpio placement may be personally be very different than you originally thought. * Venus conjunct vertex Johnny Depp and Kim Kardashian have this. A lot of Venus in Aquarius individuals may have been addicted to being online / on the web at some point. Look for messages from intense environments and more of darker ones too. Their mother may have made them eat very healthily. Mars in 3rd individuals could have a very competitive mind and may like having advantages. Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. Karmic experiences with friend groups. They specialize in sexual things too so when youre in that mood feel your intuition, its weird but trust me. If youre delving into shadow work your mercury could be key in learning your dark side of professionalism maybe youll end up being fraudulent!! Ariana Grande has this. This is because only some people can handle Aries energy!. Sagittarius midheavens may be a spiritual teacher. They are relax and loving when giving you messages. Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie, Johnny depp, and Billie Eillish have this, Jupiter in 10th/11th house- Jupiter rules abundance and success in astrology. Pisces placements can be as paranoid as stereotypical Virgos can be. Prominent Neptune placements make someone very enticing and magnetic. (One has interest, the other doesnt). Women with major aspects to this tend to be major heartbreaks for men. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. A lot of Air dominants have a lot of regrets from what Ive noticed a lot wish they could go back in time (Observation) . North Node in 10th or 11th house - north node talks about our destiny. Or very nice eyes, something is usually remarkable from these people. It would generally give more feminine traits. Sun is where we shine the most and when its in this house, we shine in social groups, online and in public setting. Moon in 10th individuals tend to have a mother who have high expectations for them, chances are they didnt received much emotional support. Sagittarius placements can be very social & fun.. sure but they may disappear out of nowhere & change plans because a Sagittarius placement is always moving & so is their moods. Capricorn ascendant in composites can indicate one is more mature than the other and leads the relationship or literally older than the other. They also like teasing their friends. Scorpio mercuries / 8th mercuries always amaze me. They may want findings on why they went through the things they did and if there is a reason, it stimulates them. I call this a natural leader who may let you in their soft circle if youre worthy. If you have aries degrees in your chart, look at where it is! (Theory). - An easy way to distinguish an Aquarius rising ? They could have very loud coughs, etc. Mercury in retrograde individuals may struggle putting up boundaries and making themselves clear & why a lot of people tend to walk all over them. Jupiter in 2nd house - this is the billionaire placement, not really related to fame but it is well-known. (Observation). Pluto in 10th likes when other people are intimidated by them like yall feel like you have POWER. This absolutely essential to unlocking your inner guidance. Sun in 8 degrees tend to give off scorpio/ intense/ intimidating vibes to people. People with Gemini Venuses tend to be very loyal if they have an Earth sign/Rising. Capricorn placements make really attractive models of research because of their body structure. (And may not have a lot of friends or there is an ease with friends), Gemini placements may have a habit of not finishing things. It may take a while & later on in life for the individual to find solid friends who they trust. So it makes sense that a lot of famous actors have prominent Neptune in their charts. May meet & be-friend older people online and that could cause karma. Your spirit embodies the maiden. Pisces Venuses may be attracted to partners that smoke or/and like to smoke or/and try substances with their partners. (Aquarius dominants / Uranus in 1st / (Perhaps dominants) individuals tend to have had something about them that was usually noticeable and touched on from people. You were brought here with psychic abilities as well as being empathetic & creative. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. (Early education). How youre potentially going to share who you are and how you do things. Im convinced hugging a Taurus placement is everything youll ever need. & Ive noticed Pluto in 10th likes havingpowerful friends that can boost them. Air moons could have a hard time giving comfort because they tend to find the logic in everything. One thing about a Pluto in 10th is that they need to keep their true self private. They are also seen as lucky by others. An opportunity to see our imperfections. Oprah has this. People are usually attracted to these natives but they dont know why either. Will give off a venusian vibe more. Leo placements could play a role for them. But also remember your words can back-fire on you a lot making you regret things you have said in the past. While Mercury in direct is better to gather thoughts, I have found Mercury in Retrograde individuals are incredibly intelligent and have a bunch of innovative ideas?? Scorpio placements find it very hard to not get obsessive over their hobbies. They can be very big homey people who think too much and keep their circle small. For example, aspecting the moon harshly could indicate emotional deception. Astrology could be a soft spot for these individuals. However, unless there is other Astrologer indicators, these people could lack dedication at times. A lot of Astrologers have this placement as well. Taurus risings, yall look rich. They couldve also been very sporty since a young age / childhood. This can sometimes manifest in an unwanted way, it can be negative attention or the person doesnt really enjoy it. People with Mercury in 8th have their words as their ultimate weapon. Depending on the planet, youll know more about the field you could be successful in. Aquarius moons naturally relate to Virgo moons from what Ive noticed. Lilith in 11th individuals could have troubling natures on the internet and perhaps more sexual. Hear me outttt, juno in 11th can indicate getting married online, I hear a lot of people assume aries mars= angry mf, no no no CANCER MARS will cry and piss themselves when their toxic ex dont text back.. sorry. These people hide things like crazy and will take things to the grave if they have to. On a positive note.. they always come up with really innovative ideas like wow how did you think about that? Libra & Aquarius suns are most likely to get hate from others. Air placements can be the biggest internet trolls in my opinion, they can sometimes (Especially Gemini & Aquarius) argue for no reason online because they get some joy for teasing people. Mars trining or sextile Saturn can indicate the native may like having sex with older dominant people. No matter where Pisces is in your chart, Ive noticed any Pisces placements have really glowy eyes. The MC points to the career path in the birthchart, and with the conjunct with the emotional center of the moon, the native pours their heart into their career and likely achieves great success. Having these brings the effort and dedication to master things. (Theory). May have private accounts or include very little info about them on media. They will teach themselves a whole subject if they have to (If they find it interesting enough, they have so many interests). They can be very unique on their ways of sending you messages so it could be hard to predict. They could have been accused rumored about in places like schools, etc. Having a strong 11th house . (Home/ Apartment was too expensive, Fire caused, Foster Homes). Someone with a Libra rising in the ascendant persona chart may be seen as conventionally attractive & charming & very aesthetic. People who give you advice that you didnt ask for should be looked out for. Psyche in 5th can indicate unrequited fun talk. If you have a libra rising/ moon Im just gonna assume you dont know your worth. Could take the dominant role in the relationship. People with Pluto in 10th are most likely to attract obsessive people on their social media. Example= Blog made online to rant. So having one of these signs on the cusp of this house and then having a well-placed Jupiter signifies fame. - Many legends or famous stories/events recreated are usually about Gemini people as the protagonist. Prove me wrong. They send messages in a perfectionist tendency its hard to miss. So many people with these placements stay in toxic situations and try tomake it right no, LEAVE. Fame Indicators in Astrology . Earthy relaxed environments. People with Leo Venuses are often very well liked and people tend to admire them, they care a lot about aesthetics and how they are put together (especially outfits) so they may love getting compliments on their physical beauty or arts. (Pisces placements love sniffing things). (Underdeveloped). 8th house influence - having a 1st or 11th house ruler or Uranus can bring sudden and unexpected fame. They are comfortable with the darker areas of Astrology. Not really just wanted to note it. Ex; Scorpio in 4th= Secretive about family & doesnt wanna be in a vulnerable spot & secretive about how they truly feel and so on. They have a lot of hidden enemies who dont want them to succeed. Leo or Capricorn rising - obviously not everyone with this is going to be famous, but Ive noticed that many celebrities have this placement. You may attract people who wanna dig up on your past and use what you have said against you. Uranus is unconventional and has interests in stuff like Astrology, Mercury touching Uranus would make someone mind interested in these subjects and find it mentally stimulating. Example; Closed the door, but for some reason they convinced themselves they didnt. Planet being on top of 11th house cusp - Im not sure if thats the right way to call it, but basically a planet that is in 11th house and within 1 degree from the cusp. because why not. Ironically, Ive met too many Cancer placements who dont want a lot of kids or dont want any at all. Or vice versa. People usually trust Jupiter dominants when it comes to knowledge & information. (Fun Observation). Fire moons can easily fall into the wrong crowd. If you photoshop your ass, best believe an underdeveloped Leo placement will call you tf out. Sagittarius moons naturally can be happy spirits, but a lot are prone to isolating themselves from the world to not burden anyone when upset. Their intuition is always right about things & people. A lot love the night too & looking at the moon. You are brought here to learn to see things from a different perspective as well. Astrology can do just that. Uranus in 3rd tells me that you are consideredthe weird kid but are hella fucking smart. Venus in scorpio could do well with another venus in scorpio. Your spirit is very communicative so do watch out. * Sun in 7th/10th Mercury in 1st individuals tells me that you hate and are aware that people can underestimate your intellectual abilities. They can be very direct and blunt when giving you messages and they push you to be very practical and realistic. They may fall into very bad episodes themselves. * Pluto Conjunct the AC/MC Michael Jackson had 11th house ruler conjunct MC. Saturn - Venus individuals may like drawings / sketches prominently or tattos, Pisces placements tend to have bigger teeth from what Ive noticed. (Theory), Lilith in 4th in Synastry could indicate the mother could be envious of the connection. Etc. The messages they sent you are more of relaxed messages but also straightforward since theyre stubborn. Aries placements could benefit a lot from taking care of their third eye chakra (They rule the head & just a theory. Depending on the planet, youll know more about the field you could be successful in. There are many different aspects in the birth chart, that can indicate fame. 18 degrees make someone extremely sharp-witted and intelligent. Pluto is really sexualized in astrology. I remember I was with this witch once she was scorpio rising and had Moon in 8th which are already psychic placements! Ive seen it a lot, these people are incredibly generous. Do note every placement. For example: Taurus actors, would usually make a character with the personality and characteristics of Scorpio. Dont ever push a Capricorn mercury too much. Many billionaires have this, for example Bill Gates. They develop emotions when developing their wisdom. Cleopatra Fame indicators in astrology Cleopatra Fame indicators in astrology -Sun/north node/stellium in 1st house/5th house/7th house/8th house/10th/11th house/ in leo/cancer/aries/ pisces -Sun/venus/neptune/jupiter conjunct north node -Venus/jupiter/neptune conjuct sun or moon -Neptune/pluto/venus in 1st house or conjuct ascendant (for acting) They may be seen as hard to get but yet appealing to the public. Natives with Pluto in 2nd could be falsely accused of making money in a wrong way or their self worth could be misinterpreted a lot. this seems to work better for personal planets. Cancer and Virgo placements are naturally drawn to each other from what Ive noticed. May like gettinghigh with their partner. One way you can distinguish a Libra rising is by their smile and maybe existen dimples. Cancer risings (Sagittarius in 6th) could make someone scattered during work / routines. They are not liars. To grow together. Moon- Jupiter may like to desperately try to find a good reason for why theyre feeling a certain way or if there would be areward in the end. Venus in Pisces may long for a spiritual connection with somebody, where they feel as if theyve k owed them for eternity. Just hit them up whenever, theyre like a best friend to everyone. Example; relationships. If Moon is in the 4th house it will fade any aggressiveness / bold nature of the moon sign its originally in. (Especially Virgo placements), People with Ceres in Air signs / Air houses may give comfort to others more verbally and intellectually than nurturing. Its your communication style, how you give and receive information and the menial day to day you take care of. Of course each planet manifests differently in everyones life. Their intuition is always right about things & people. Emotions wouldnt be involved, there wouldnt be a bias when gaining information. Jupiter in Virgo individuals tend to get stressed easily / a lot tend to complain about school / education. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. They have a lot on their minds. However, theyre very good at hiding some weirder parts of themselves at first. People with this placement can also be very controversial or infamous. Hillarysss 2021 all rights reserved (Divine Hillary / Hills), Asteroid lie (26955) in natal chart can indicate what kind of stuff youre most likely to lie about. If there is any other Astrologer indicators, this can make someone very passionate about Astrology and fiercely loyal to their dedication, they also emotionally attach themselves to Astrology. They will never ever get bored of finding out new things / constantly researching. (At least romantic experiences). They gain their achievements by making discoveries and finding out why things are the way they are. Ive noticed Moon in Aries individuals at least once in life have gone through a phase of repression and resentment thus isolating themselves a bit, couldve struggle with explosive emotions. They send messages in a creative way. Dare I even say having Virgo is almost ideal to have for an Astrologer. (They are like home). People with sun square moon may not have a good emotional connection with their father / figure. Indicators of Fame in the Birth Chart Those with Leo strong in their chart tend to enjoy attention, especially Leo risings and Leo moons. Aries placements LOVEEE standing up forwhats right more than libras to be honest. For example; Person has Leo rising with Pholus opposites their rising, they may find themselves changing their hair a lot (Leo risings are known for hair). 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. - Libra Venus/Rising are more likely to get lip injections. Soo many celebrities have this! Mars in Virgo is the same but they have more of the drive and passion. They also create a sense of nostalgia for a lot of people. Pluto in 12th could have scary and vivid dreams. From personal experience Libra risings have somewhat of a hard problem opening up, they have this image of themselves they dont want to be seen different at times. :**:, People with Taurus placements especially the Moon may very much love when their food is very well put together (pleasing to look at). Nothing stops you. Gemini placements love feeding off information especially the Moons, it can be a coping mechanism for them, they could re-read the same thing all over again and still be fascinated. You may look very exotic looking & unique appearance. You are brought here to be eccentric, ahead of your time (you may be able to predict future events), independent, original intelligence. Chart ruler in a positive aspect to 11th or 10th house ruler - if these are well-placed in regards to each other, the person usually becomes successful or famous. The messages they sent you are in your face basically. Moon in Sagittarius tend to be the biggest procrastinators. This is why we want to listen to, watch, and follow these natives. They may have a hard time controlling their laughter in and have a contagious smile. Having the ruler in its own house always makes it very powerful. You were brought to do a change, you are here to cause a revolution. Sun/chart ruler/11th house ruler/10th house ruler positively aspected by Venus and Jupiter - there are so many variations of this, but like for example Sun trine Jupiter etc. Leo or Capricorn rising - obviously not everyone with this is going to be famous, but Ive noticed that many celebrities have this placement. This is a way how! Sagittarius the sign of knowledge and wisdom being Jupiter would make the chart have a big Jupiter influence, they love seeking and teaching knowledge. Indicators of Fame in Astrology. - Sagittarius and Pisces people (esp Mercury), are usually delirious about themselves or fantasize about having other realities or having other peoples lives. . North Node in 10th or 11th house - north node talks about our destiny. Having a strong 11th house . Sun in Leo / Ascendant in Leo- Yes, this also surprised me, but I have seen a lot of Leo ascendants who take such passion and admiration for Astrology. MC and Moon conjunct is very indicative of high career success. (80) ( opposition, square) People with Sappho touching their mars with these aspects can get a lot of admirers who wanna pursue them because theyre very pleasing to the eye. always amaze me. While Venus and Ascendant conjunct placements are famous maybe just for their looks, Moon and MC conjunct natives are famous for their creativity within their career. (Check other placements). Venus in leo/ mars in leo remember just because your crush liked another girls instagram picture does not mean you are annoying.. If you have mars in 4th im just gonna assume you have deep rooted trauma from home life & the reason you are wayy over protective over anything and yourself. They love protection but project jealousy on them and theyll run away. if you're into degree theory, 5 = short term fame, 17 and 29 = long term fame. You love to be a physical spirit guide. Write down what you feel and your gut feelings because that is your spirit contacting you. You see some kind of asymmetry in their features (a higher eyebrow, eye size, cheekbones or jawbone) or notice any ethereal vibrations in their faces. When looking at your birth chart, look at the degrees your Personal Placements and your MC/10th House (which is what you're known for) are in. Having a strong 11th house talks about being well-known and popular, so many celebrities have this stellium. Because of this there is rumors around their reputation people who wanna try to bring them down, yet it doesnt work.. they have this powerful aura. Ariana Grande has this. Within yourself is most telling of course, youll begin to see the parallels within you reflect onto others. : Check if the color of their eyes are different from each other or one lighter than the other. Watch out for messages from rich environments & paintings or any nice imagery. Spirit in Capricorn: With the ruler being in Saturn having spirit in Capricorn can mean that you are brought down to this earth to balance out karma especially. (Gemini rules hand). In another manifestation they may get accused of lying about things since it rules trickery. And lastly your mercury is your mind, your message. Having no planets in the 3rd house could indicate youre a really good communicator. (Or any Major Pisces placement) Pisces moons / Risings may be luckier in a way and experience a lot of transformations somewhat like Scorpio do.. Moon in Gemini/ Moon in 3rd- This dear placements is logic over heart, they need a constant need to be stimulated while learning. These are the type of people to plan out things a while before it happens. This zodiac sign naturally wants to be the best at what it does. Planet conjunct Midheaven - Midheaven is another important thing to look at in regards of fame. Spirit in Leo: Ruled by the Sun, your spirit radiates very strong masculine and loyal energy. Mercuries in 9th house is a very big know it all placement in my opinion, people with this placement are very savy and knowledgeable and will not let you forget that theyre hella intelligent. 11th house ruler in 11th house - again, the house of fame. Its crazy how some people describe Aries placements as chaotic while others describe them as exciting and things of that nature. They tend to be very independent in friendships / relationships trust me when I say they dont need anybody. Jupiter conjunct your MC is a good indicator of fame in conventional astrology. I wouldnt be surprised if you were to take a Leo Venus phone and their camera roll is just them obsessing over their hot selves. Sun in 11th house - having Sun here is similar to the stellium. This is because Cancer placements truly know how its like to have a family (Cancer rules 4th house). * Juno Conjunct/trine Saturn People with natal mercury retrograde may experience devices glitching on them more & technology problems. Your spirit embodies the scorpion. This is also a great indicator of creativity within the career. Traveling could also be an escape for them. People with Gemini in 4th may have a family with a lot of talking & information spread like wildfire. (h22) If the Priapus asteroid touches a guys Jupiter tightly it can indicate they have a large penis. Having a planet tightly conjunct MC could signify success and fame. - Aries & Aquarius (sun/moon) tend to be romantically obsessed with each other in a passionate and platonic way. People tend to love and look up to people with Sun in 10th & 11th & Sun dominants. Besides someone being a cheater is much more complex than just placements it goes with them as a person and bad manifestation of aspects. Hit them up for an ego boost Theyre the best. They may protect their family at all costs perhaps their mother but look at the whole chart. thus the famous 29 provides someone for sure long term fame, though, it could be receiving fame through destructing yourself or leaving a heavy mark on the industry. Overthinking could cause problems. It can also be well-aspected and bring fame, just like I said in the previous point. Same for Sagittarius and Aquarius they have a natural drawn. * Venus in 7th/9th Also why are so gemini moons interested in astrology?? Chiron in 3rd individuals tend to be incredibly misunderstood in communication, people may take their wording weirdly and miss underestimate a lot. Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Lady Gaga have this. Mercury in 10th individuals tend to guide the public eye with information / knowledge. Look to see how your mind shifts and handles work. Leo placements have this influence that makes other feel small this is even more exaggerated if there is pluto & scorpio influence. People dont forget them easily. - Air and Earth sun/rising love perfumes and smell good. Theyre just really good at keeping it together on the outside. Will fight for security that may have been stolen from them. (Check other placements). Libra placements are so easy to talk to literally. 11th house stellium - 11th house is the house of fame, internet and social groups. Messages from your spirit guides are very common in work- heavy areas. * Juno same sign/house as sun Ex; Scorpio in 9th could be secretive about their roots & who they truly are & some of their beliefs & maybe stuff like their age. Ex; Chiron in 1st individuals will always hype up everyone & boost everyones ego and confidence because they know how hard and bad it is to feel down and neglected. Again, you need to study them and check all the aspects etc. Taurus stelliums may comfort a lot of people just by being present. This can also at the same time make them addicted & love the internet. Also Ive noticed people with this placement tend to attract people who misunderstand what they say and at worse can twist it. Channeled message: Everyone is a reflection of ourselves. Your spirit embodies the archer. At worse it could manifest for example as home not looking safe, for example holes in the walls. Scorpio placements have always been some gossip in a point of their lives. Very blunt. They couldve been a mother to you in past lives. Libra placements tend to have really appealing waist/ stomach. They tend to embody Cancer physical traits. Pisces moons tend to have a mother who couldve been spirituality devoted / had unconventional interests like Astrology. Sun in 7th individuals are attracted to very confident rather proud individuals and they need this influence anyway, they tend to be insecure and rely on others for validation. Jupiter uranus gives an interest to gain knowledge in eccentric interests. Pisces Venuses may like to shift a lot. Kylie Jenner has her Jupiter conjunct 2nd house cusp by less than 1 degree, so that also applies. do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. MC in Leo- Leo is the sign of fame, so I dont really have to explain this one. People with Jupiter in 3rd may have an accent or / and speak a different language. They tend to have a feature that stands out. do not repost, plagiarize, reword my observations. They may love to watch mystery shows. Leo placements literally have cat eyes, some have round eyes, or whatever shape it may be, they tend to intimidate people by their eyes, in my opinion Leo placements have very bright noticeable eyes no matter the color. They could give off an Aquarius vibe. People with Eros (#433) / Venus / Mars in 9th could find themselves getting into hookups in travel or foreign places. Venus in Virgo would naturally feel at peace perfecting the things they love and others would admire their information. heaviest quarterback in the nfl 2021, julie chrisley miss universe photos, union county latest news,