The tin description should scare off all but the most hardened latakiaphiles. I enjoy English blends in general but this is a bit over the top for me. WORDS FAIL ME AS TO HOW WONDERFUL IT IS. It does smoke cool with no bite. This burns well and maintains my attention from beginning to end. The latakia is smooth, even at 75%. With Ironsides being lighter; far more creamier and nuttier, yet just a cool and long lasting. Presentation: A hearty, dark dense block. Superb taste and smell! This stuff is just a sweet, smokey, Latakia and makes no pretense about it. The satisfaction this baccy gives me is immense. The room note to me is exquisite! It comes in a plug which I tore apart and put in an air tight jar, like the large ones sold on this site. With a little Burley and Oriental for balance, youre going to like this blend. An ode to Cyprian Latakia if there ever was one. I just pull it apart, load and light. Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake Pipe Tobacco. It's smokey alright. Yeah this is what I wanted for a good old Latakia BBQ. Ive finally settled on this is one great blend! Well, I have to admit, Latakia and Turkish tobaccos smell, well, yeah maybe like the musky lather of a salted slave. There, in the breeze, this tobacco really displayed probably what it was meant to be - a wonderfully tasty Latakia based press. A Latakia lovers stand by for me. This is a wonderful blend that scratches the Latakia itch for me like no other. This is a good blend if you really want to know what "Latakia Forward" means. Taste is med to full and consistent throughout. Nevertheless it is a smooth blend. The nose of the bag is prodigiously Latakia. This is also the most dense cake Ive come across. No burn issues at all with minimal relights. I'm partial to Billy Budd myself, but this seems just like the same without the cigar leaf. Minimal relights. It's alottalatakia, ALOTTALATAKIA!. This is like an Autumn bonfire made of leaves in my mouth. I've been a pipe smoker on/off for a couple decades. It smokes well. Pirate Kake 16oz. This is a awesome smoke , very smokey , campfire comes to mind , there is some sweetness, but not as much as other English tobaccos, even so this is a great smoking tobacco. Absolutely no indication of bite even when puffing vigorously. I love it! Overall a nice smoke. PCALHO. Then immediately into a large mason jar. The small amount of Turkish and Burley stands up evenly to the seventy five percent of Latakia. 56g tin. Starting the weekend with a new one from Robertson Pipes and some 2016 McClelland. Finally another Latakia forward mixture without any Virginia. The Cavendish doesn't moderate this blend at all, and the Turkish is AWOL. For me, this is my favorite Lat. Smells pretty full on on the tin and while smoking. Recommended. Don't get me wrong, this a good tobacco, but I don't understand all the fuss. You'll have to brush the taste out of your mouth. (how many times did I say smoky so far? A great value in bulk . Great aroma. YES! | Sitemap, Cornell & Diehl Haunted Bookshop Pipe Tobacco, Cornell & Diehl Black Frigate Pipe Tobacco, Cornell & Diehl Autumn Evening Pipe Tobacco, Cornell & Diehl Star of the East Flake Pipe Tobacco, Cornell & Diehl Bow Legged Bear Pipe Tobacco. Age When Smoked: new, less than a year old tin. Decrease Quantity of Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake Increase Quantity of Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake. My have times changed, and so has my taste in tobacco blends. There's also a sweet smell to it that mixes with the smokiness very well. And this from a lady who smokes Balkan and English blends herself. I'll also add that this tobacco stays with you for a long, long time. This was confirmed by the frequent relights during the first half of the bowl - mea culpa. A couple of Beauties. The turkish and burley add nothing. Next time I mixed in a little more and then a little more and a little more and then I ran out. If you don't care for latakia then definitely steer clear of this one, but I for one can't imagine a piper not enjoying this smoke. Be prepared to be shunned! In turn, the Latakia keeps any bite from the spicy Turkish i n check. The rave reviews by you my brethren afficianados. In my opinion, Pirate Kake is missing the added character, or that little bit of something extra that's needed to elevate it to the status of other top-shelf blends in its class. If you're looking for a delicious lat bomb then PK is your blend, but if you're looking for a lat bomb with a stronger Turkish presence I highly recommend Star of the East Flake. So I figured I'd go down to the liquor locker and pull out the Cruzan dark Rum. The Krumble Kake cut adds tremendously to this blend. I get a kick out of the one-star reviews. Cake breaks up very eas ily. Smoke a bowl in the morning and you will taste it all day. If you have tried and liked 10 to Midnight, you will love Pirate Kake. The smell in your tin is strongly smoky, as you would expect. Until the bottom of the bowl, it's an explosion of taste! Only if we can get aromatics to taste and smell like this then we'll be cooking with gas big time or maybe i just havent came across one yet to satisfy my smoking pleasures. Not much subtlety here folks, so do not come expecting a complex blend. It's almost as if the smoke is too heavy to be moved by the imperceptible drafts in a house that will carry most smoke away. For the Latakia lover who doesn?t care about anything else in the blend, this is probably the blend to get. A mighty cake burley, for the lover of Latakia. Pre light draw is sweet latakia and some oriental notes. Pirate Kake is not just a smoke; it is a true religious experience! Similar Blends: Boswell Northwoods, Dunhill Nightcap. The tobacco is not super pressed, its easy to rub and easy to fill your pipe (unlike Seattle Pipe Clubs Plum Pudding). Please don't buy it and then tell everyone it's crap. Ten Russians is still the latakia heavy blend I reach for but this is a nice step down. Put a pinch in a very large bowl of mature Virginia and youll have something nice, but by itself its just nasty. But it's a very static single-note mixture. Awash in Latakia! What I'm getting? If you really like Latakia buy a ounce or two & you will be in Latakia Heaven! The room note, of courseahem not spouse-friendly. Such a concentration of LAtakia becomes unidimensional after a while, so it would gain to be mixed with something else to bring variety to it. $11.90 - $36.98. I love a good lat bomb every now and again, and this blend definitely scratches that itch. I've decided I would rather put my money towards PK. There's nothing wrong with this tobacco except for the overwhelming amount of latakia. Now, I had some trouble with it early on. This review will be simple. Ive tried a lot of english blends that said they had a lot of latakia or said they have full strength smoke, like Samuel Gawiths Commonwealth Mixture. This was the first real pipe tobacco I ever purchased. of exceptional Latakia accompanied by Turkish and Burley from C&D, Pirate Kake is a Latakia lover's treasure. By: Robert m. Product: Captain Earle's Private Stock 2oz . Pipe Used: Icarus Stubby Apple, Self-Made Magnum Cherrywood. ( And I think I got the better of the deal ) So if you are a lover of Latakia this should satisfy your cravings. Room note offends everyone and leaves that creosote like aftertaste that I enjoy. This is awesome. After having Covid in January, I discovered some of my olfactory senses didn't completely return for certain things. The crumble cake is easy to pack, the smell is strong smoky. This is a nice cake, black in appearance, smelled smokey and robust. Five of five stars ------------ march 06 update. sigh. As subtle as a cannon shot full o' nails and cast iron! A Four Star blend, IMHO. I think I'm ready to have a bowl of it on it's own. Pirate Kake is really three-dimensional. Yowza!!! The tobacco came apart quite easily when loading up the pipe. IMHO it is more like a blending tobacco. I really enjoy smoking it at night, with the last pipe of the day and paired with a good whiskey. It's my humble opinion that C&D has the absolute highest quality widely available Latakia on the market . The burley and orientals help prevent the Latakia from being completely overpowering. If latakia is your thing, you absolutely must try this tobacco. Breaking off pieces of this luscious, indulgent cake, rubbing it out and preparing it in the pipe is half the fun. Conclusion: A very interesting and heavy blend. The little black clump of tobacco you get in the tin is relatively easy to work with, but that's small redemption for the Latakia overload that follows a crumble, a load, and a light. Original post: I bought two ounces of this "because it was there", on the shelf at El Fumador and I had not tried it. Initial Flavor: Latakia! Even the smaller pieces have a remarkable cohesive quality and are really unnecessarily difficult to get prepped. Keeps away loiterers and unwanted company. While you are sitting there enjoying the bowl you can watch the smoke accumulate in the room and settle to the floor. The focus here is Latakia- pungent, peaty, slightly briny Latakia. Thank You C.and D. For making the best smoke I have ever had thus far!! I almost felt as though I was smoking a straight bowl of latakia. I found it an intriguing taste, but my wife would have kicked me off the state if she had had the opportunity. The rich smoky, leathery, earthy, woody, incense-like, sweet Cyprian Latakia is the star component, comprising 70% of the blend. This is a lat lover's dream. But I stand by that assessment. Remarkable! If you like sweet stuff with your latakia this just might fit the bill. Overall this is a must for any Latakia lover, but approach with an open mind and don't expect anything you might be more accustomed to. This blend will definitely make you question what you like to smoke and thats a great thing. After a couple of minutes of gentle drawing my mouth became very dry and so I put the pipe down and went back into my house to get a glass of home vinted pear wine -slightly sweet - to quench the fire. Me: "So what is that you're smoking? And that was only through the nose. Is it showing me a possible bitter ending and a more propitious way? The primary notable tin note and flavors are or course, Latakia! I smoke this whenever I desire to be entertained within a fast moving panorama of almost familiar sensations that build not to a climax and quiet farewell, but just keep rolling on as a caravan that one has disembarked. This C&D offering does at the very least beg one question. But this is just TOO much. Given the simplicity of its composition, one might think, a priori, that it is easily imitable, and yet, in my opinion, it has its own personality, something that I highly value in a tobacco, since some blends are like "deja vu" of others, but this does not happen with Pirate Kake. The burley is noticeable not so much for the taste but more so the nicotine hit that it helps provide. The smoke itself, is probably the thickest, creamiest, smoke Ive experienced. I have heard a lot about this lat bomb and I was ready to explode it in my den. It didn't give me a headache or make my stomach hurt, so I will keep some Pirate Kake around for when the right occasion presents itself. Preparing this one for smoking is a chore. Cannot recommend this enough! Yes, this is Black Frigate without the rum; sans the liquor the flavor is more resonant & articulated. It is not biting my tongue at all, and I am puffing the Dickens out of the bacci. Pirate Kake is definitely a "Lat. Think a peaty scotch and some nuttiness for the most part. Absolutely luscious! I get so much peppery spice out of this I could only smoke half a bowl before I had to call it quits. In any case, after finishing a bowl I often felt sated for quite some time. Leaves more than average moisture and requires a few relights and smokes at a less than medium burn rate. I enjoyed it immensely and it really fed the itch for something different. Very well behaved in the pipe. UPDATE: 12/3/2013 Not just a lat bomb. The flavor stays consistent and doesn't get harsh near the end. Flavor - Yep, that's latakia! Adding to cart The item has been added. I can hardly wait to see how this tastes a couple of years down the road. Although next to Aromatics I find english to be what id burn but next to my top aromatics I would burn this very fine pirate cake. Easy smoking. The taste on the palate apparently does not translate as far as room aroma; my wife does not much care for the aroma but she does not complain, bless her heart. soli Deo gloria. A Latakia lover's treasure. If aye could curl up in a tin of this intoxicating tobaccy Id never see the light of day! To each their own, but Ten Russians is my lat bomb. Highly recommended to the lat bomb smokers. do so, it is very very good. Full in taste but medium in strength. I don't think I will be buying another tin, but it was a good experience. The kake is very crumbly, easy to break into chunks or rub out. 4 stars denotes actual repurchase or intent to do so as soon as possible. Fans of Lapsang Souchong tea (also very smokey) will love this. Easily one of the best English blends available. The bulk of my purchase is going to my cellar for aging, which will mellow out this Latakia bomb. I feel like I'm the naysayer here, I read sooo many positive things about this blend. I'll have to get more soon, or my aging remnants will not last that long! Although BLB is wonderful in its own right, I have to say that this blend takes the cake. Not much to say beyond that. bomb! Cornell & Diehl Pirate Kake Pipe Tobacco $11.90 - $58.65. I use the term ?blend? And, I almost prefer this one, DaVinci's flavor profile is more complex compared to Pirate Kake. I want to give this 4 stars but I will hold off as everytime I try this, I detect something diffrent? After i try PK the latakia jurney begin, keep searching other latakia bland that better than PK but i couldn't find any. The blend smokes really smooth. Open the tin and a waft of campfire smoke will invade your nostrils. The charring light was interesting for the tobacco swelled grew like C&D's Crooner and the second light the tobacco took off nicely. Awesome stuff. It's an insult to call it one dimensional like it's some chemical-soaked, aromatic garbage tobacco. Four stars and full sail ye swabs. This perfume burned off some where in the upper third and the rest of the smoke proceeded down the bowl as, believe it or not, a light English. No amarga nada, y el sabor propio del burley solo se puede apreciar por su aporte de madera y terrosidad a la fumada. As my sample was small and I liked it, but yet was not blown away by it, I am giving this one three stars with plans to pick up a tin or two to try later. It?s one-dimensional, but you don?t smoke Pirate Kake for complexity, you smoke it for a major infusion of Latakia. A lot. With complexities of smoke covering your taste buds. The other tobaccos are added to simply smooth off the rougher edges, as opposed to smoking it straight. weigh anchor, set sail and sip for a bit. So now only in the strongest blends am I able to sense, smell (and for some, taste). The good point is the concentration on Latakia, with no corrections, and this is also a weak point, since it flattens the experience. Opening the fresh tin (080318 I love that C&D tins are so easy to date) the Latakia hits your sinuses straight away. If you dont find any pure Latakia in the market you can easily buy this one and make your own mixtures. In this case, Burley doesnt help the blend and it is necessary like smoking pure Latakia. Much better than Star of the East as an overall impression. sample and I liked this blend so much, I ordered 8 ounces then 16 ounces sizes to store and smoke over time. This is as close, however, to cigar smoke as the wife will tolerate, as the room note can be cutting and a little acrid. The initial flavors are of sweet latakia and incense like orientals. It's really not what I consider a "Latakia Bomb" with an obtrusive Latakia aroma! A smooth, robust blend with LOTS (75%!) This blend is GREAT! I think the blend meets the goal of a fine tobacco that is easy for most to enjoy. Verso la met si sente un lieve pepato e tostato, segno delle altre componenti, ma un accenno, nulla pi. Surprisingly the nicotine content is not that high, mind you Latakia on its own is no Howitzer either. If dirty harry smoked a pipe pirate kake is what he would smoke no room for wimps here. The impressive thing about this blend is that it has such a massive amount of latakia but somehow remains interesting and easy to smoke. The kake breaks apart really easily. You must be 21 years or older to make any selections on this site - by doing so, you are confirming that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco products or smoking accessories. The room note does not offend like my old latakia did. Slow and careful smoking, as noted, will reveal a more complex flavor character than is on the surface. It is a pretty cool baccy. bomb. Cornell and Diehl's Pirate Kake is the last of the bulk samples from my recent half tinned and half bulk thin down purchase and I saved it for last. The way this flakes apart - big cubes that come apart easy. I had forgotten how nice that first blast of latakia is when it's lit. I have one on hand aging, but will wait for another purchase to get another tin going. Heavy in each puff but always controlled by the Burley and Orientals, the Latakia seemed almost like a mild perfume that the other two were wearing. The smoke is velvety and soft the punch is strong. I'm then not particularly surprised that this cake burns nice and cool. I usually enjoy it earlier in the day and save the Penzance for later in the day after tea or dinner. It is what it is and I enjoy it every time I choose it. I can definitely enjoy a full english here and there. Pirate Cake is a hybrid weed strain. It doesn't do anything that would keep me coming back to it. This was a blend I have been searching for because I love latakia but it is such a mild to medium and just tends to be low on the nicotine level sadly. My kids' comment on tin note - "Ewww! And it makes my beard smell really cool afterwords. The Latakia used in this is top notch however and had a great taste. And a top of all that , this tobacco is smooth. Gli aromi a crudo sono spiccatamente di affumicato e torbato, segno di un ottimo Latakia, ma preponderante, anche spezzando il plug non emergono altri sentori. Well of course I had to try it. This blend is a strong blend, but I do nt think I ll actually get a nicotine kick. HOWEVER, I just can't get past the fact that for whatever reason, Kake r eally seems to spoil at or near the half-way point; the bottom half of every bowl I smoke just simply does not have the same effect (and results) as the top half. Pirate Cake has 22% THC. I expected this blend to be nothing more than a Latakia-bomb; 75% Latakia made it a good bet that would be accurate I thought. This is a superb blend of all those who experienced latakian mixtures. So smooth I would describe it as creamy. Smooth taste. It is a little less dense than others I've had and also not at all wet, for me it is presented with perfect moisture content, but some may find it a touch dry. I taste at least three different alternate flavor notes as different sized chunks of tobacco burn. Smoky and tastygreat room note and a delight to smoke! The block has been sitting for awhile again, as the plastic appears to have yellowed. Worth a try if you love the dark stuff, but be careful with it - it can knock you back. Similar Blends: the body and strength are very similar to Dunhill standard mixture, but the taste is unique.. Too much Latakia??? It requires one to slow down and enjoy the ritual and preparation of a great pipe smoke. This offers a nice contrast to the G.L. I think I have hit the same result as the Dolly record. For it IS a fun and unique tobacco. The cons: It comes in a little brick - it look very suspicious. i have found this one to be better if smoked only from time to time, and not as a good daily smoke, as more than one bowl in a day leaves the mouth unable to taste anything else for several hours. Mild to medium nicotine content. Being the impatient person that I am, I wanted to sample this blend immediately. I will be stocking up on this heavily. . #1. Age When Smoked: Fresh, as far as I can tell. I would not reccomend it as a first smoke but after a month or so give it a shot. If you don't really like Latakia this will not change your mind. But on the whole, about as delicate as a horse pistol in the ribs and a genteel invitation to walk the plank. The Latakia is of inferior quality and the blend opposes itself to the point of the abusing the poor sucker who smokes it. I might relight this as many as 5 times in the course of a medium sized bowl. Medium to strong nic hit with absolutely zero bite. Although the Burley adds body, it's the distinct flavor of Orientals in the mix which makes this blend enjoyable beyond just tasting like a smoky campfire. In fact, it isn't fit to be called a blend at all since it is the same as smoking straight latakia, not a blend of different tobaccos. Pirate Kake 2oz Tin. Really good if you're hungry too. 21.58. I like how it smells while burning, and I enjoy smoking it. The Turkish and burley add a good amount of body. Burning pyres to the ancient Sumerian gods in Babylon. Burns even and smooth giving a flavorful and creamy smoke all the way through. This is a lovely lat-bomb. The smokiness of the Latakia is perfectly balanced with the nuttiness of the burley and just a little tickle of the spice of oriental. THE ROLLS ROYCE OF TOBACCO. So, if you're a latakia lover give this blend a shot. McClelland's Syrian Full Balkan with it's Syrian Latakia presents a different experience with it's heavy Latakia yielding a very cool smoke - so cool one could think the blend is topped with menthol. I bet this would be more popular if it didn't have the Jolly Roger and the mention of 75% Latakia content on the tin. Its a classic in my mind and Im not even the biggest Latakia fan. Islay malt scotch and rose water, as in a smokey, brine, iodine, perfume, incense sort of way. If you're a rum and coke drinker, this probably ain't for you. Choose Options. I do know it did not hurt it one bit. Packs like a dream. Firstly, this tobacco is a Lat Bomb and definitely only for latakia afficionados. Best smoked after a meal (not before) or it will overpower one's palate. I believe this is the same blend as BF sans the rum. Product Packaging Stock MSRP Price Qty Cart. It burns surprisingly well for a big latakia mixture and it smokes so cool youll wonder if your pipe is even lit. (which is fine) I assume it's because it's mostly latakia and the burley and orientals are background players. The turkish hides sheepishly in the shadows and the burley taste (if burley really has a taste) is MIA. Room note? The great thing about smoking a bowl of this is that it's the same through- out. It is sort of goldilocks for me right out of the tin in terms of dry time. The fact that you can purchase large quantities at bargain prices is also a plus and encourages big purchases for cellaring purposes. I detect no other tobacco flavor but Latakia, which happens to be high quality, but definitely not my thing in this quantity. Pressed plug, quite compressed, so I'm not sure I'd call it a kake, but still not as dense and fine as a traditional English plug. This would be good broken up and mixed with an overly tangy red virginia. I smoke this one outdoors only as it is most offensive to pretty much everyone. I only mention that to put my review into perspective. This stuff, (yes stuff is the right word) is just plain brutal. Mind you, I don't regret trying itthe tobacco's were good quality, it's just that this blend is not for me. Surprisingly to me with such a stated high content of Latakia, mild enough to start at day break and end the evening winds. The lat is very forward and pronounced in this. The smokiness is front and centre throughout. Due to the descriptors I used, it is a smoke best enjoyed outdoors or in the privacy of your smoking room. Press J to jump to the feed. LATAKIA!!! I would say this is my favorite tobacco because I can always depend on it to be a good consistent smoke. Upon the initial false light, I noticed an interesting flavor: a slightly sweet, dry, yet herbaceous taste. I took the advice from one of the other commenters on this page and decided to spruce it up with some rum. I haven't been able to appreciate any other latakias after smoking a few bowls of this. This is top of the notch latakia. Ive had a few tobaccos from C&D and this is by far my favorite. the 75% latakia will stomp you; like being taken prisoner by blackbeard himself. Call us at: 843.491.4150. It was more pleasant than I expected. Sometimes, I like that, though I smoke Virginias most often. this one is a big one , with strengh and interesting flavours , it needs a quiet ambiance to aassess its extent ; one of my favorites. This is not really shocking seeing as the blend contains 75% latakia. An 8 oz. Sipping at this one, it didn't get too overbearing in its intensity of flavor. Its almost nothing except latakia. With age the body increases along with a dark sweetness. After the initial char, it takes to a match easily and produces good volumes of velvety textured smoke. If you . Smoking PK is to the latakia lover something like what I would suspect eating a very dark unsweetened chocolate would be to a lover of that confection. Excellently smokey and rich latakia blend. It is delicious. . This one is just not for me. Couldn't smoke it all day or even on a dialy basis but certainly go for the occasional or more than ocassional latakia blast that one is looking for. The smoke was heavy yet disappeared quickly, but whether I sipped or puffed it stayed heavy until half way down the bowl when it grew even thicker and did not disappear. Pirate Kake is distantly similar in taste to CAO's Old Ironsides, but the Latakia content here is much more overwhelming. The Krumble Kake's dark, and very easy to fluff and crumble, in fact, a large proportion has already crumbled in the pouch (I bought bulk). Latakia in capital letters, but smooth, evenly burning, never to harsh. It is sweet, cool and almost minty. Still very high. There is little balance of flavors in that this blend is a showcase of Latakia with the other components only serving to keep it from being too monochromatic. Comparable to an Is lay Whiskey in smokiness, though if one is looking for notes of peat I recommend C&D's 'Strathspey'. Tastes like a Maduro wrapped Pardon. Really enjoy it anytime of day mostly in the morning with a cup of coffee. original old maid card game characters, importance of role models in child development,